About this Cookie Policy

Welcome to the Cookie Policy of HBSI, the BPO arm of Hayleys PLC, one of Sri Lanka’s leading conglomerates. This policy explains what cookies are and how we use them to enhance your browsing experience. By reading this policy, you will understand the types of cookies we use, the information collected through cookies, and how we utilise that information.

What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files stored on your browser’s or device’s hard drive when you visit a website or application. They serve to optimise your browsing experience by remembering your preferences, eliminating the need to repeatedly input your details.


Cookies come in various types; some are directly from our website, while others are from third parties that place cookies on our site. They can be stored for different durations, with session cookies being deleted upon closing your browser and persistent cookies remaining until deleted or until they expire.

Our Cookie Varieties

  1. Necessary Cookies: These cookies are essential for the website to function properly. They facilitate actions such as setting privacy preferences, logging in, or completing forms. While you can configure your browser to block these cookies, certain parts of the site may not function correctly as a result. Rest assured, these cookies do not store any personally identifiable information.
  2. Performance Cookies: These cookies enable us to track visits and traffic sources, aiding us in measuring and enhancing our site’s performance. The data collected is aggregated and anonymous. If you opt out of these cookies, we won’t know when you visit our site, affecting our ability to improve it.
  3. Marketing Cookies: Set by us and our advertising partners, these cookies build a profile of your interests to deliver targeted ads on other sites. Although they don’t store personal information, they identify your browser and internet device uniquely. Disabling these cookies may reduce the relevancy of the ads you see.

We use cookies to:

  • Recognise your login and preferred settings.
  • Provide a personalised browsing experience and serve content that enhances your site experience.
  • Analyse site usage to troubleshoot issues and monitor performance.

Managing Your Cookie Preferences

  • Strictly necessary cookies: To opt out, adjust your browser settings. However, blocking these cookies may hinder website functionality and result in lost preferences.
  • Performance cookies: You can opt out of these at the start of each browsing session on our website. Disabling them won’t affect site functionality, but we won’t have visibility of your visit.
  • Marketing cookies: These can be disabled through your browser settings, but it won’t reduce the amount of advertising you see, only its relevance to your preferences.

Changes to the Cookie Policy

We may update this policy periodically. Please check back regularly to stay informed of any changes.


Thank you for taking the time to review our cookie policy. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us.